Transformers - power factor testing, internal inspections, oil filling and degassing, winding analysis, insulation testing
Tap Changers - fluid filtering and replacement, contact replacement
Switchgear - corona damage repair, circuit breaker retrofits, racking system repairs
Substations - full acceptance and commissioning tests, preventative maintenance programs
Circuit Breakers - medium and low voltage, primary and secondary current injection
Protective Relays - electromechanical, solid state, and digital relays.  Programming and implementation of settings
Circuit Reclosers - primary and secondary injection
Voltage Regulators - internal inspections, contact replacement, control testing
Ground Fault Systems - primary current injection
Circuit Switchers - SF6 handling, timing, mechanism adjustments
Oil Circuit Breakers
- pneumatic system repairs, contact replacement
Medium Voltage Cables
Automatic Transfer Switches
Battery Systems
Bolted Pressure Switches
Motor Starters
Engineering Services

Short Circuit Studies
Coordination Studies
Arc Flash Studies
Arc Flash Training
Power Quality Analysis
Load Measurements
Single Line Electrical Drawings
Power Factor Correction
- capacitors, synchronous motors
Forensic Analysis
We provide field and shop services for the maintenance, testing, repair, and replacement of all types of
services according to any standard.
Additional Services

Infrared Scanning
Ultrasonic Corona Detection
Equipment Retrofits
Maintenance Programs
 - operation of equipment, understanding ground fault systems, arc flash
Insulating Oil Testing
Dissolved Gas Analysis
- combustible gases, furan testing
Ground Grids - fall of potential tests, point to point tests
Bus Fabrication - custom pieces, repairs, aluminum or copper
Replacement/Used Apparatus - substation batteries, relays, medium/low voltage circuit breakers, motor starters